Cellulite reducing Gadgets-Are they Scams?

Published: 13th October 2009
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It would seem that in many cases that's exactly what they are. It's pretty obvious that there are some companies out there that have no scruples when it comes to making a fast buck by preying on the insecurity and unhappiness of women who are desperate to get rid of cellulite.

Some of these gadgets are laughable and the terms used to describe their supposed actions are equally ludicrous. You couldn't make them up, but someone obviously did.
They spout any amount of pseudo scientific guff about Skin tightening and altering your metabolism or redistributing the "special kind of fat" that causes cellulite.

And yet women fall for it time after time and spend millions of dollars on this quackery. It's not surprising when you realise just how much something like cellulite can do to lower your self esteem. It's easy to fall into a downward spiral.

It wouldn't be fair or truthful to say all these gadgets are scams but even the ones that could be said to work will only have short term effects on improving the appearance of your cellulite.

Note that word "appearance" that's what's known in the advertising world as a weasel word. That is to say words that may not mean what you think they mean. In fact they may not mean anything at all in the context in which they are being used. So if a gadget affects the "appearance" of your skin, is that a cure, or a reduction in cellulite?

Let's be clear, Cellulite doesn't really exist! In fact it's another weasel word coined by the cosmetics and spa businesses in Europe in the 1960s. But the dimpled, rippled, lumpy orange peel skin is real enough, it just won't be cured by gadgets because it's not caused by "toxins" or "special fat" it's caused by flabby muscles beneath the skin which allow the skin itself to become flabby or dimpled.

So quacks and shysters excepted, it's becoming recognised that the only way to have any effect on cellulite is to exercise, but it has to be exactly the right sort of exercise which only affects the parts of your body where the "orange peel" occurs.

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